August 23rd, 2003


Romaine, Romaine...

Composing a list of things liked didn't come too easily - survey the bookcase, the CDs, what's on the desk. Yes, I do like walnuts, but there are some other nuts I'm fairly partial to. So I filled the box. There done. Do I really like The Empress Wu? Well, not exactly like. Fear, tremble before.
And what of poor Romaine Bohringer? Okay, so there's no other takers for nasu dengaku out there, but what offence did Romaine ever give anybody?
These days it feels so good to know so little about somebody. As far as I can tell she is just getting on with the business of being an actress or having a life and leaving very little detritus about herself across the net. Excellent. The less I know of her, the more I feel we would get on.
I woke this morning and started up the computer to find that Angelina Jolie had been in Russia meeting (or not meeting as it seemed) Chechen refugees as part of some UN position she has. Should this endear me to her? It hasn't. Let me know less. Romaine could at the moment be assembling a vast petition to lay before the French government about the treatment of political refugees, and bless her if she is, but I am glad I don't know this. Let me know less.
At the moment I am listening to the French singer Benjamin Biolay, a CD I bought on a chance whim, but my interest in him has been affected by the recent knowledge that he is married to Chiara Mastroianni, daughter of Marcello and Catherine Deneuve. Or I could just admit that I'm jealous...
There should probabaly be links to some of these things, but it's early days and there's enough to work out before we get that involved in things.
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