August 27th, 2003


Little Darlin'

On Friday, I'm heading out of London for a few days to go to Tapestry Goes West, an altish-country weekend festival down in Cornwall which is taking place in a wild west theme park outside of Newquay. They've even got a scaffold! Long Black Veil indeed...
Well, time to lay in some supplies I guess, but the only thing I can think of to buy (aside from beans, for Hank's sake) is sheriff badges, but do such things exist anymore? I'm not sure anyone's playtime is taking up these days with Cowboys & Indians, or Brits & Nazis for that matter either. Somewhere in China sits a warehouse waiting for a turnabout in the children's western wear market. They could be waiting a while for that.
A shiver of nostalgia - remembering at primary school where there was a girls' and boys' gang and I volunteered to defect to the girls' side as a double agent and snitch on them. But I never did. I joined the girls' gang and after a few weeks was challenged as to why no information was forthcoming. No, I couldn't remember ever having any loyalty to the boys' gang. I was happier where I was.
A friend, Lloyd, has suggested that we adopt Western names for the weekend and I appear to be the only person who has one already: Marshall "Soapbox" McCluhan - after an alterego I invented for a miniature Western town I built with a friend that was loosely based on William S. Burroughs' 'Place of Dead Roads'.
Cornwall doesn't promise such a high level of homoeroticism, Venusians or paregoric, but there are staged shootouts. It could turn into Westworld very easily or, more worryingly, The Wicker Man.
Just as long as it's not too much like London.
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