September 7th, 2003


Spoilers! DRUNK!

Mmm, this program doesn't support UNDO for Hank's sake. Anyway, a musical iPod journey home - Georgian liturgy, Serge, Tatu, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Carter Family, more liturgy, Gene Clark. I like the random nature of it, the liturgy reminding me where I really should be at any time. Walking up Piccadilly, Mravaljamier...
I gave my hat away this evening. I wasn't aware of the fact that I had been flirting with her until Sasha pointed it out. Have I? Had I? Mmm... Well, I won't hide the fact I fancied her, but she was married and I am very thankful for that, because NO MATTER how high the level of alcohol, I am (I hope) a moral man. If she hadn't been married... Mmm, exactly. The said hat only cost me £3 at Scope here in Stamford Hill - although without the feather decorations - and as I said to her (she had been wearing the hat most of the afternoon), this life is about giving and not possessing objects - these things never come across so convincingly so late in a day of drinking however. The act of giving is one of few powers we have left to subvert the economy and the world at large. It certainly suited her. Anyway, let's drop that line of thought and take a cold shower, because her husband was also a charmer and the two of them were people I would like to know, not just because of their incredible knowledge of Las Vegas. Forgive me Mrs J____ and P____! Leave it Grant, etc...
It was a good wedding. I don't know Peter particularly well, but he strikes me as a man full of love and that is something to be thankful for in this time. He was weeping as I approached the church - YES! Enough of this English sang froid. I wish them the very best and know already that they are both very lucky indeed.
Now, please stop thinking about that woman in that (now it's her's) hat. Stop it!
...boing, time for bed, slumber, nod, please grant me peaceful sleep.
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