September 9th, 2003


Supra Alert

Not a productive day, but an enjoyable one. The hangover has just about cleared now and I am tonight going off for a Georgian meal. Well, that has to involve wine for Tamar's sake, so no extensive dry period ahead then.
I was looking up the address on the web, when I became intrigued by a recipe for mushroom khinkali and this instead led me onto a site for a Moscow English language paper called The eXile which I really enjoyed as a possibly accurate and certainly honest portrayal of some aspects of Moscow and what people do there these days. Gave me that dangerous desire for a lifestyle left behind. Washed this feeling away by listening to downloads of Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava. Finding those made me grateful for the internet.
How do you miss a country that you last visited in 1980? Something to do with the flatness of life here. Memories of Sunday drifting back - someone going on about their diet and the quality of life and me saying 'We're not immortal'. I could to Moscow, where the choice between the monastery and the gutter would be so much more obvious. Here, it seems to be neither of them. Only a year to go on this course and then, what, exactly, just what do I do?
Start a list, put 'Move to Russia' somewhere on it.
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