September 10th, 2003


Georgian Ecstacy

Well, the food wasn't half bad. The salad dishes were authentic, but there was neither any khinkali or (the heavens forbid) any shashlik! Simon and I are a fairly poor version of Georgians - only two bottles of Old Tbilisi between us. That's barely an entree out in the Caucasus.
But the conversation was good, as was the toasting, and it veered between old friends, the viral nature of language, Zen Buddhism, infrasound, Latin rhythms and then, probably, descended into small talk. A good evening. Simon was complimented on his Svanetian hat and the waitress was sufficiently confused by the fact that we both will be singing in a Georgian choir. Someday soon a third person will be added and then we can break out into Mravaljamier and the like at such moments. They may let us off the tip.
Bus journey home - a random selection of Georgian music courtesy of the iPod - a little drunk, but there is something I must do. I must make an appointment with my spiritual father, this cannot wait any longer. I need guidance.
Sat outside the pub earlier and who should walk past but who should walk past but Emma Samuelsson. Okay, not a name anyone knows, but I had watched her only last night in the Swedish film Tillsammans (Together) by Lukas Moodysson (a perfect name for a director) as the daughter Eva. Curiously, she still had the same geeky spectacles look going (and good on her for it). I was too spun out in the strangeness of the moment to thank her for the performance. She reminded me of myself in that film, the shame of glasses is an undercovered issue in contemporary cinema.
Yes, mine too were taped together many times after a playground moment of violence.
Bring me my bed...
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