September 23rd, 2003


Sunny Delight

With various fees and bills to pay, finances are getting a little tight and, hence, back to the world of Netto. There are some other similar supermarkets in the UK (Lidl, Aldi). These are bottom dollar operations that you can find throughout Northern Europe: frequently stocked with strange German brandnames. Not much has changed since I was last in a branch. If you have a large family, live on minimum wage or benefits, you'll be found in there. You can fill stomachs at least. There's been some scientific literature about links between diet and behaviour in children. They should eat more fish apparently. There's not much fish in Netto, but there is some - tinned and frozen. Trolleys are filled with bockwurst and burgers, most of this food has never seen daylight, it keeps people alive, but there's precious little joy in it. They renamed Um Bongo (a nine-fruit blended drink) Um Ognob. I've haven't even seen this drink in the last ten years. Checking that now, it seems Um Ognob is actually a 'remix' of Um Bongo. I thought it might be because the Congo associations of the original advert song... well, who cares anyway.
Stamford Hill isn't the flagship branch of Netto by a long way, but there are a few home furnishings on offer: a table-top easel, cappuccino maker, electric chainshaw: crazed artist, all fired up on processed cheese and caffeine, it might get ugly.
Wandered down to the video store. Man stood in the rain like a frustrated baboon, waving fists, grunting: "Gggrgrg, grgggrgr, Palestine". The rabbinical occupants of the Volvo were unfazed. I almost wanted to go over and explain the rather complex relationship of Zionism, Israel and Orthodoxy, but would it actually get through? A woman stood next to me: "What is he shouting?". "Sounds like Gggrgrg, grgggrgr, Palestine". We shrugged and went on our way.
Not so much of a day. Pat emailed me to say that his father had just died. Went home, cooked Netto food, watched City of God. Not a bad accompanying documentary on the slums of Rio either. The then chief of police, Helio Luz, seemed a particularly intriguing character.
Sleep of a sort and then morning. It's almost autumn. A frustrated autumn.
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