September 30th, 2003


Hot Doughnuts Now

Citizens of London are becoming restless about the impending opening of the first European branch of Krispy Kreme. The Simpsons have been doing a fine job of (not-so) surreptitiously promoting this brand over the last ten years at least and now, what was once cartoon, shall become reality.
They've chosen to open the first branch in Harrods. This is a fairly astute move, for despite Harrods' assumed pedigree as the greatest English department store, it's long since been abandoned by most domestic shoppers for Selfridges, Harvey Nichols etc. It's far more of a tourist attraction these days and the doughnuts should prove a draw for both US and other visitors. The Food Hall is one of the few places you can buy real American grocery products, albeit at highly inflated prices.
Once the franchise expands, it may find itself the inevitable object of anti-globalist attention. It will be a while before they think about entering France, not just because of Iraq-related issues, but also because of France's generally protective attitude towards their own patisserie and cafe culture. People would demonstrate in France, in London we'll eat the things. However much food has improved in the last twenty years, a British doughnut is still nothing to get excited about.
But what do I care? I guess that there is some inverse ratio between the irrelevance of what I'm writing here and more pressing concerns of life - I'm writing about doughnuts, therefore something must be seriously amiss elsewhere. It is.
I haven't heard from Pat since he mentioned his father's death. I'm awake in the morning, wondering if KK's arrival means we might soon get Waffle House, Krystal, In-N-Out, White Castle or even Cracker Barrel: these various chains, mostly known through placements in songs and movies. Why am I thinking of this? Am I just hungry? No, I am wracked with worry about too many things and my mind is losing itself in American food chains. I am not achieving much in the way of actual work.
It's just about autumn, the nights are dark and the heating comes on in the evening. People walk the streets a bit more carefully, looking suspiciously into the eyes of strangers. We scuttle home, we don't hang around. Fear returns.