October 28th, 2003



I had my first dream directly related to this journal last night. Its level of horror has been softened by a brief subsequent dream (in which Misha started talking very loudly to a group people at the church refectory about the Japanese flat screen market - this will be a long parenthesis - I got him to sit down as I was worrying he was going to start calling everyone schismatics. Misha was baptised at a church in Birmingham which itself broke away from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, primarily it seems because it feared growing tendencies within ROCA to reunite with the Moscow Patriarchate, which is the wing I belong to. What an inglorious mess. I talked with him last night about this issue. To me, the statement of faith in One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is integral and the reunion of the various Russian wings that developed because of the Revolution is something that we should all be working towards. I can see that obeying Moscow is not the same thing as Moscow being willing to admit mistakes. Moscow has had to survive through the Soviet period and there have certainly been some regrettable compromises along the way. Nevertheless, I hold to Moscow for two reasons: their refusal to abandon active ministry during the entire Soviet period at great individual cost, whereas the other churches existed only amongst emigre centres in Europe and elsewhere, and my belief that such things are more to do with individual priests and bishops and church communities rather than the overiding structure in its bureaucratic sense. For me, ROCA and others were largely supported by aristocrats and upper class Russians, those who were able to leave the country. The Russian people, where it is supposed narodnost' is to be truly found, were left behind. Either priests went into catacomb churches or remained under Moscow. All of these choices were arguably valid. But communism is over now. Maybe too much time and separation has passed. It's the national nature of the Orthodox churches that I find most off-putting in the long run. Orthodoxy comes second to Russian, Serbian, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Georgian, etc. Maybe it was the pho I had for dinner...) a little while after.

In this dream, I can recall being in a restaurant with Kelson and GG. Wynd was sort of hovering around as well (I finally got my copy of the illustrated Canned Lush yesterday. It's beautiful and I even get a credit for editing it). A the table next to us, an increasing number of take-away meals were being delivered: pizza, Indian, etc. The staff made it clear these were for me. I don't know how I concluded this, but I realised that someone had extrapolated enough information from this journal and some website of Wynd's to hunt me down. I didn't want to go home (Kilburn, so it was all out of sync). I didn't know why they were pursuing me either. I asked Simon to come home with me, but he claimed to have a date with some woman called Raisa, no idea why GG couldn't do it although I met him later, inexplicably dealing outside a supermarket under the pretext of handing out mobile phone leaflets. I sneaked out the place alone. I couldn't go home, walked swiftly through streets, found an area of London near Paddington I'd never been to before. Wow, I thought, where has this part been hiding all these years. Abandoned double decker bus. I get a text message saying that I should be at Ranelagh Gardens on Saturday evening. That must be him.

I woke up from this fairly petrified and decided, half asleep, to either make the journal inaccesible without invitation or start inserting ficticious truths, such as 'The flat has burned down. I shall be moving to Brighton tomorrow without delay'. Things have calmed subsequently. It's time to get to work, although that doesn't mean moving from my current position particularly.
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Breaking Spam

Work involves reading email. Here's some more wisdom from the Professor on the spam issue. The subject line reads 'Okay I have had enough of your spam' so I don't see this topic coming up again for some time:

I do have some information about the text sources, though. They appear to be mining e-texts for the latter part of the subject lines.

"Watson Is someone waiting to meet you? which means in Greek both 'sow' and 'a woman's organs of generation." can be found in a footnote to Aristophanes' The Acharnians

"Are You DYING For A Smoke? the Platonic writings he never attributes any passage found in the extant" can be found in Preface to Plato: The First Alcibiades

"Mathew Wants You To Go On A Blind Date! excursionists began to return from all over the South-Western "lung"-- kjhgkjh" can be found in HG Wells, The War of the Worlds

So the mystery is solved; they are just pasting snippets of copyright-free works which make (some) sense in most cases.

He also suggests Campus Hook as an interesting digital community that reflects the finest of American college life. Maybe.