November 24th, 2003



Well, it seems like a fresh chance for the people of Georgia. Maybe the ousting of Shevardnadze will galvanise the country towards a better end. I'm yet to be convinced, but it's very early days and I'll tuck my cynicism away for the time being. Although I am not in the pay of the Georgian Tourist Authority (they don't actually have one, to the best of my knowledge), I'd recommend anyone to take a holiday over there, maybe skip into Armenia and Azerbaijan as well. But if you're not interested in old churches, frescoes, wine, landscapes, polyphonic harmony, and above all, real people, don't go. Who knows, twenty years from now, we might all be buying holiday villas in Georgia. The lack of substantial beach access is a drawback, but we can dream that one day relations with the breakaway republic of Abkhazia will soften and everyone can go to Sukhumi again for the summer. Should any single Georgian women be reading this journal and seeking a husband: You - dark-eyed, sense of humour, observant of fast-days. Me - spectacled, optionally with beard, looking for non-cynical future, with children preferably.

The one loss will be the eventual abandonment of the toast 'Gaumarjos Shevardnadze'. My friend Ed is keen on this one. Real toasting can only be done with wine and never with beer. Thus, if you must toast with beer, you should toast the bad things in life and the ex-President has been featuring heavily in this regard for some time now. He went gracefully enough. I wonder where he'll go now, mmm, probably move back to Russia. Then he can go to Sochi in the summer, I don't imagine he'd be too welcome in Sukhumi!

I had a long discussion with Archbishop Mark in my dream last night, I bumped into him as part of some reality quiz game that involved the slaughter of various family members by satanists. I managed to kill one of them before they despatched another contestant. That's blown your chance for the big prizes, they said. I can't recall much of this conversation, although it centred around recent talks between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Russian Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). He seemed more interested in selling earrings most of the time I was talking to him.
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Not exactly a correction, but, of course, the idea of Shevardnadze heading to Russia is rather ridiculous as his substantial lack of cooperation with Russia over Chechnya didn't win him any friends in the Kremlin, although he has my respect for his stand on the issue. Oh, and there's that small matter of allowing the breakup of the Soviet Union...

Rumour has it that he may be heading to Baden-Baden, so good they named it twice, possibly even after the habit of taking a second breakfast or z'nuni. It is after all the birthplace of the Black Forest gateau (schwarzwalderkirschtorte).