December 15th, 2003


Teenage Kicks

Wynd sleeps fitfully in the sitting room. In spite of the green eyeshades and melatonin, he's still adjusting from Florida time. Here's some news from Wynd's world:

1. He's quit his job at university in Tampa and is moving to Miami in the New Year.
2. He still has no physical tolerance for any caffeine-containing products. Believe me, I've seen him after half a cup of tea and it's not a pleasant sight. His angular limbs flail about like a crippled spider.
3. He hasn't gained an American accent. Unlike the summer he spent modelling/whoring/partying/crawling around Europe and returned speaking like an extra in Gangs of New York. In fact, recently he won second place in a Halloween contest at some happening NYC club for his Gangs outfit. Wynd removed a crotch-enhancing sock to great acclaim on that night. I guess he would have been in the DiCaprio role, but maybe he was Diaz...(?)
4. He still travels everywhere with a foot-powered scooter.
5. He is heartbroken. It's a long story that I haven't really heard in full yet. Suffice to say, it's a difficult situation where W loves J but J still loves X, W has been spotted by J canoodling with her best friend N, W claims that N was only offering solace, which I believe, but W realises his feelings for N are also an issue. Could N be the answer? N is closer to W in age and an artist. Hang on, J is an artist too, just younger. Everyone in W's world is an artist of some sort, including W. So W is confused about the future. N and J aren't speaking anymore. Getting between friends is a surefire mistake for W, but it's done now. So is it J or N? And how much is W going to cloud the issue when here in Europe? I don't know. But he's travelling to Paris shortly to see his first love H who is now settled with child. H could be the icing on the emotional cake and I may receive a late night call from the banks of the Seine as W continues to search for answers or possibly brag about further lurid tales of his unabashed libertinage. I wish him every success.
6. His dancing has improved since we met last.

Wynd finally got into Old Street at about 23:15 and we headed to Catch on Kingsland Rd where Wade and friends were DJing. Their mixing skills were abominable but I think that was part of the attraction. Everyone was very far gone and, as Wynd commented, it was a scene that could be encountered anywhere from LA to Lhasa. According to Wynd via style mags like Dazed & Confused, iD, Face, etc, this was however where it was at. There certainly were a large number of revival post punk haircuts and difficult fringes. Musically, I hated it and loved it. The thing is, there's about twelve years between me and Wynd and I can remember these tunes the first time around (and how I loathed many of them), whereas for Wynd and even, God forbid, those younger than Wynd in attendance, this is the same distance between me and The Byrds. Hang on, it's more, it's 50's rock and roll distance. So, I can leave 'Sunglasses At Night' and 'We Built This City', but 'Crazy Horses' still rocks.

Wynd has arisen and I shall make him breakfast forthwith.
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