January 8th, 2004


Giant Sand

Returned safely from outback. Celebrated Christmas. Abandoned use of pronouns. Nurse hangover. Sydney again.

Most stuff I write on the laptop isn't going to be up until I return, it's just too much of a fag and it's too darn hot and this web client is iffy and I'm on holiday and my English is very how-you-say challenged.

I did see half a great documentary the other night with some French palaeontologists in, I think, Pakistan. I think I've found a link that covers the area they were talking about, but it's hard to tell if it's not some sort of scientific crypto-Nazi blog. Now I look at that a bit closer, I don't think it has much to do with it at all, but if skull measurements are your thing, you'll love it. It must be a real bundle of laughs travelling on the bus with this guy. Did you know that Adrien Brody's face is a classic example of the Dinaric type? Kirsten's comment softens the scholarly tone a little:

Yes i think Adrien Brody's face is so smokin hot. I think the orgins of the perfect face are from a little place called hottieland and the township of IN MY PANTS! YEAH bABY he is soooooooooooooooooo friggin yes my type.

The programme was about the search for evidence of hominid evolution outside of Africa. Mankind evolved in a number of places simultaneously, not exclusively on one continent. Unfortunately I had to go out before they got to the meat of the argument and the connection here is too slow to really race through sites and find these quirky French guys. A palaeontologist either goes mad or he dies, this one man said, staring fixedly into the camera and puffing intently on a fag. Whilst all the others were in standard trekking Eurowear, he had gone fully into native Baluci mufti.

One upshot of the whole Iraq/Al-Qaeda/THEM! debacle must be the increased difficulty of scientific research in these frontier areas. It makes for an interesting conspiracy theory that some of these events have been manipulated by creationists or indeed other vested scientific interests. Although that could be a side-effect of Christmas vodka consumption.

Today's word is baluchitherium. That's probably him, Jean-Loup Welcomme. Success, now back to bed.