January 29th, 2004


Pretzel Words

For once, I ensured that the radio was swtiched off as I tumbled off into sleep. The momentous level of Hutton-related information being created in various media was probably consuming a good 5% of the national powergrid. It's like the Starr Report, but without the titilation. It's unlike the Starr report in that it has exonerated the behaviour of government and admonished that of the media, specifically the BBC.

One of the questions that has wonderfully vanished in all the beaming smiles and hand-wringing cap-in-hand behaviour (Mmm, not sure you can wring your hands and hold your cap simultaneously. Rather the cap has been cast onto the ground and you're stomping on it, maybe you're eating the thing, whilst you curse the names of all your ancestors. Not sure you can do that either. Whatever. Penitence is being displayed to a sickening extent.) is the insertion of the 45 minutes launch capability statement at the government's demand into the document. There were no weapons. How in the know was everyone about this? Responsibility for David Kelly's death lies with David Kelly. I know what I'd be more scared of in Kelly's situation and it's not a belligerent line of questioning from John Humphrys on the Today programme. After all, it was Kelly who approached the BBC and I'm not aware of the BBC secreting parts of its annual budget into dark operations. Okay, maybe Melvyn Bragg. He knows more than he's letting on.

You ears get used to a certain style of news reporting and mine are fairly attuned to the BBC. I don't think my experience is so different from many other people, but when I travel abroad, I'm often quite aghast at what passes for news broadcasting in other countries. Yes, I'm thinking of America here. Of course, it's harder to see the faults of your own media when up close. I wasn't too impressed with Australian news reporting either. No, give me the BBC everytime, particularly the old school World Service where you'd be made aware of the world beyond your own shores so much more. Mind you I get nostalgic for Radio Moscow too.

Friends may also like to know that this Sunday will witness a six-guns-blazing iPod stand-off at The Folks between myself and Andy 'President' Washington. People could die in the heat of the country crossfire, although as we've both noted, no one really takes much notice of what you're playing much of the time, so your skilfully constructed set that is filled with cross-referencing to subject and lyrical content, band members, country music history and the such is an utter waste of time. All some of these people want is the Gram Parsons CD with a different running order. Lynette Morgan and the Blackwater Boys are playing this Sunday and they look like a fine bunch who won't be amiss to the occasional piece of hillbilly boogie.

A friend once claimed that enduring purgatory would be akin to having Stephane Grapelli living upstairs. Imagine a bow scraping across those strings forever, well almost. I wouldn't necessarily want to listen to Bob Wills aha-ing for 10,000 years either, but one thing I'll say about these current tunes I'm listening to is they sure do put a smile on your face although it could develop into shit-eating rictus grin after a couple of days.
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