February 6th, 2004


What She Wants

On sites like Amazon, and even here on LJ sometimes, you can see these wish lists of goods that people want bought for them. I've never worked out whether this is partly a veiled form of enjo kosai 援助交際 (compensated dating) and, by buying these goods, you think you're getting in closer orbit to their pants (UK gloss). I'm sure much of it is "innocent" materialism. If anyone wants to charm the hell out of me, here's what you can buy me. Although St Valentine's Day might not be quite appropriate...


That's it. Make sure it's the 123 minute version on DVD and not the original Vestron edit for the US market.

Hell is the operative word in this 80's art-horror curio. For once I was Sam Neill in this movie.

If, however, Gwyneth Paltrow makes any unscheduled appearances during the film, you will be in deep shit...
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A break from housework

Or, on second thoughts, you could buy me a Citroen SM Heuliez Espace. I can't claim it's the prettiest car in the world, and I'd settle for a normal SM or a DS just about, but there's a difference between pretty and style. The SM really could only have come in that early half of the 70's. It's completely overdesigned and is definitely fur coat and fancy knickers. The fact it would be a nightmare to repair isn't the issue. The fact I don't drive isn't either. People would come around to drive it for me.