February 7th, 2004


Crock En Bouche

There finally be a gig for the art-folk collective knows as The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Even if turns out just to be me, it'll still go out under that name. I'm tempted to try and write a folk song about the cockle pickers of Morecambe Bay. Something with a nod towards Dick Gaughan and the like. Gangmaster is a fantastic word, but a sordid profession.

Today is the day of Professor's wedding. He is sitting next door at the moment. There's not too much to do, iron a shirt, put a jacket on. Although I'm holding back from putting pictures on the site, here are two links, by means of a test, to pictures I took on the phone yesterday at dinner with various family members.

Brother-in-law Tim suffers allergic eye affliction due to ingestion of lychee

Cheeky monkey Serge enjoys a glass or two in honour of his illustrious namesake