February 9th, 2004


Power to the Pixies

Soon enough it will be the start of Lent and we'll be saying goodbye to our friends meat and cheese for a while. I returned home last night thinking I'd like to entirely say goodbye to drink as well for that period, as I rightfully should most of the time anyway. For, once more, intentions to drink but two pints are abandoned in Sunday revelry. I dream that the UK has declared war on Iraq. It seems a little odd that we're going to war again. Yes, this time we're going to war against the new Iraqi regime. The government have decided that Iraq in any form whatsoever is a loathsome thing and must be expunged from the map. People flit around the school ground, I'm skiving classes. Later I'm put on an army exercise across a golf course. I have a long talk with a woman called Harisha, some performance artist friend of the Professor, but he's lost her number and refers me to her website. Even dream versions of Internet Explorer are prone to infection and all I can get is tantalising glimpses of her page before it jumps to another. Nothing is going to work out. I awake and I sleep. The screensaver trailing in the distance. Then a more fixed state of alertness. Those valuable early hours lost already.

Mind you, the band were outstanding. MGHN [MGHN is a new character and such is his name. MGHN should be able to recognise himself from this pseudonym. MGHN is always capitalised and cannot be further contracted without written permission from The Permissors. There is a hint of JG Ballard in this name, but it's not clear whether this is reciprocated by MGHN himself. He should not be confused with M.G.H.N., the inner order of a dastardly Rosicrucian splinter group whose very existence is closely guarded from the lower ranks] called to mind two bands amongst various others; Magna Carta and Gryphon. Yes, it was that forgotten world of mediaeval-folk-psychedelic-rock-thing. MGHN (who has at least 25% of his available mental storage given over to King Crimson-related data so that should the world suffer a huge calamity, it will be possible to entirely reconstruct not only their various recordings, stage outfits and so on, but their actual genetic selves. It will take about $75 billion to perform this operation, but these substantial costs will be hidden under the guise of anti-terrorist homeland operations. Oh, do shut up!) may have a better description for this genre. There's a fair amount of material at the Circulus site and they will be playing Tapestry at the end of the month. Sandra. I remembered.

Mental faculties have taken a slight beating over the weekend. Restorative work is underway. Everyday I grow more suspicious of Russia under Vladimir Putin. This feeling does not go away. Something is amiss.