February 10th, 2004


Ichiban Shibori

I noticed recently that if you enter the search term Sarmoung into Google, this journal may now be found either as the first or third hit. It never seems to be in second. Those Mystae and Totse sites are as thick as thieves. I'm vaguely acquainted with the workings of the PageRank system used on Google so it's not exactly flattery, although I am a little perturbed that the namesake is now above the original inspiration. It doesn't make any sense that this Sarmoung should appear above any mention made by followers of Gurdjieff, for example. But, then again, maybe it does...[maniacal laughter ensues]

As yet, I haven't received any messages from those interested in esoterica as to why this site is called Sarmoung, or to ask me to desist from calling it so. It's evident enough that I know very little of the Sarmoung Brotherhood. Although I may well
know more than Gurdjieff...[sinister organ crescendo]

Mention also occurs via a site devoted to London bloggers. At the moment, there's some opaque wordy description that appears on Google that makes reference to being an Orthodox Christian in an area noted for its Orthodox Jewry. It now looks overly pretentious and I've changed it since, but the Google reference hasn't updated as yet.

There don't seem to be an immense number of bloggers in the Stamford Hill area according to this site. The only other one is Green Fairy. Maybe the others really are in Stoke Newington, or at least are choosing to claim they are. Being on the N15 side of things really does count that out for me. I don't see that being at the top of West Bank, say, would put you in SN, but you'd have the N16 postcode to bargain with in an argument. I don't see that being in Stoke Newington is much to be proud of these days. Just they wait until the flood waters rise.

This old description of the journal also includes reference to the Caucasus. Now astute devotees of Gurdjieff will be aware that he did reside for while in Tbilisi (or Tiflis, if you have to call it by its old Russian name) and it was from there that he journeyed, via the ancient Armenian capital of Ani, and eventually onward to the mysterious Sarmoung itself. You might have thought that I spent last summer in Georgia lounging around drinking wine and looking at old churches. You might be right. Then again you might be wrong. A key to any esoteric system is to make it appear sufficiently believable. I might know something. I might not. Just how credulous are you?

Soon I shall reveal the true secrets...[sound of running bath, lighting fag]