February 23rd, 2004



I have no more excuses. The computer is now as capable as the Sun Studios ever was in its day, and arguably more so. Admittedly I don't have a collection of valve microphones or a vintage plate reverb, but those are excuses. I tried ProTools for a while but took it back as I realised that all I wanted was the digital equivalent of a 4-track. Instead I have opted for the more accessible Garage Band. £300 versus £39. It seems easy enough to use and good enough for my decidedly lo-fi intentions. Hats off to Apple for producing something like this, although it is already spawning websites that are groaning with home produced cut-and-paste tunes. I put together a screaming version of some sort of Sympathy... in about ten minutes. I then thought "What on earth are you doing? Stop, now!". I don't see how this ease of manufacture can be a bad thing, although going round to a friend's house to listen to their new tunes might prove the slide show of the 00's. Friends will need to be wary of the fact that I can now bombard them with the similar. Be afraid...

I have no idea who she is, but this is the fourth time I've seen her in the space of two weeks. Admittedly Stoke Newington isn't the size of Brooklyn, but it's rare enough to see the same stranger that many times in London. As this journal continues it becomes ever more obvious how small my range of interests actually is. So we're back to Romane Bohringer again. Here is a list of things I have deduced about this stranger:

1. She looks rather like RB. (It should be evident by now that I consider RB pretty much the zenith of all that is good in the world)
2. She is French. (This tends to reinforce the above)
3. She is known to eat raw cashew nuts.
4. She could spend more time doing her hair.
5. She owns a rather orange fox fur hat. (Fake? Real? The sort without dangling ear flaps anyway)
6. She wears 'difficult' glasses.
7. She is slightly longsighted.
8. Her working hours are not 9 to 5.
9. I'm struggling for a tenth.
10. She smiled at me in the street. (This tends to throw Londoners)

There she was again on the bus. Maybe we will never spy each other again. I hope she didn't see me go into Fresh & Wild. How embarassing... I could have stayed on the bus. I didn't. Instead I went to return the videos. [Note: Fresh and Wild is a chain of over-priced organic supermarkets. I've nothing against organic but I don't like the shoppers or the shop. I bought some haricots beans if you must know. It's not the name of an adult video store! Local Knowledge Ed.] Should I meet her again on the street, I'm sure I'll say nothing at all. But perhaps just once life could be a French movie, even here in the Hackney/Tottenham borders. Tes sanglots longs n'y pourront rien changer...

Contentious perhaps. But why not? I'm about to go into the kitchen and make some miso soup or rather doenjang... Korean soybean paste facts here. That red pepper paste, sorry gochujang, rocks. As people sometimes say in these parts. You read it here first. The Koreans are going to help me through the fast. Natto for breakfast? i can hardly wait. I'm not joking!

Yes, back to films again. The video shop has gone nuts on the recent DVD release of his back catalogue. I can recommend Satan's Brew. Something finally made me laugh. Admittedly it was an anarchist poet channelling the spirit of Stefan George in this absurdist comedy... Fassbinder did comedy? Yes, I was a bit taken back as well.

So that's film, music, religion, food and Romane Bohringer. All bases covered. Adieu.