February 24th, 2004


A Service Announcement for Visitors

The Central Committee has met and the following decisions have been made with regard to this journal. You don't know the aggravation involved in getting all the committee together from its disparate parts...

1. Entries shall cease in this journal until the conclusion of Lent. That's 11th April this year, more or less.
2. I'll continue to read friend's posts though and comment therein as appropriate.
3. This decision is final but feel free to comment. I will still reply!

It seems appropriate to devote myself more fully in the current period. The journal doesn't necessarily get in the way of that, but it seems the correct step to take. My habit is generally to get up in the morning and make a cup of coffee, sit down and write. I need to establish a different set of habits in this period. So, I lay the writing down for the time being. I am also giving up coffee. Not sure why I decided to do that though! You're welcome to come round for fresh mint tea and soya products. Natto even, you might like it...

I don't intend to give up all creative projects during this time. I've been tinkering around with Garage Band this morning and I am relatively happy that it can do what I want. In exchange for silence here, I shall return in April with a completed album. In the spirit of Lars Von Trier, I have established a 12-step set of rules that shall be rigidly observed in its production:

1. The album shall be called Moscow or Tennessee and the artist(s) credited as The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table.
2. There shall be no more than ten individual tracks.
3. No track may exceed five minutes in length. Preferably three.
4. I may end up playing it all myself, but collaboration is to be welcomed.
5. There will be two cover versions of either copyright or traditional material.
6. No external or outboard processing may be used during production or mastering.
7. All vocals and acoustic instrumentation are to be recorded through the laptop's condenser microphone.
8. All individual tracks are to be recorded in one take. Get it right. Or start again.
9. No drop-ins or subsequent editing of parts other than top-and-tailing completed songs.
9. Adjustments are permitted in effects and dynamics during mastering. Just.
10. It will not be especially cheerful in nature. What did you expect?
11. The album will be fully conversant with both its navel and back passage. It's my party after all.
12. The completed work will be produced in a limited edition of 50 copies. These are available free of any financial charge whatsoever. Each album will be personalised for the recipient in question. Whilst The Autocrat identifies himself as the sole owner of the copyright of all original material contained in the album, he couldn't give a monkey's if you copy it. He'd be flattered, or pleasantly amazed!

To secure a copy of this album, either email sarmoung at the livejournal address or leave a comment. It won't be available in the shops. I hear the underground railway calling... Until April then, God bless.
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