April 11th, 2004


Slight Return


You will note that above there is a section entitled Elsewhere and a link to the Radio Orchestrar page. Everything about the album is to be found there. There's 100 copies of it. They are all free. If you think I don't have your details or if you want to secure a copy, email sarmoung at livejournal. Chances are you will be getting one even if you don't want it in the house.

The mission is terminated. I think that I have almost entirely tired of its very limited palette. I remain enamoured with various Hanks, Merles, Lefties, Georges and shall be always, but these young kids, well, most of them wouldn't know a country tune if it drunkenly axed both their parents to death and drove off into a lecherous sunset with their kid sister. Surely there's more to life than recycling Neil Young. He's more than capable of the job. For me, the purpose of alt-country was to get people listening to country again. I think it's achieved that as much as it ever can, on this side of the water at least. At a recent gig, one of the bands (who didn't have a single tune between themselves all evening) had a strong Notting Hill fanbase. I overheard one of these types chatting about going to SXSW and drunkenly lecturing his friends about Gram Parsons. Shit, I thought, once the toffs are investing in Western shirts, it's definitely time to move on. And I'm not talking about Gram here either. One of them has a shop at 82b Portobello Road called Jessie Western. Absolutely divine... Mind you, I can hardly knock a scene that I've met some of my best friends through and I'm sure to be down at the Folks this afternoon, supping Guinness and crunching eggs.

So if I am going to invest in a new musical genre, where would you advise me to put my money? I suggest British folk music. It's so unlikely to be successfully revived that it has to make sense as a strategic investment. But I sense that a change is icumen in and there will soon be an explosion of Fotheringay revivalists. Be sure to make another speculative investment in real ale breweries. And remember to book your tickets early for Cambridge this year.

Aside from the page redesign, I noticed recently that this Sarmoung was no longer the top listed Sarmoung site. In fact, the Google entry for this journal has vanished completely. Either I just need to get writing again or something more sinister is afoot. What's that curious buzzing noise....?

I'm afraid so. There's only two I'd strongly recommend; Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and Suzhou River. The first is very brutal in parts, but moving. The second is very moving and only slightly brutal. At the cinema, I particularly enjoyed Fear X.

It's not going to serve anyone any good to tut and say 'I told you so'. However tempting. The West has made a pig's ear of the Middle East again. No one deserves congratulating. I honestly think it's time that men gave up any pretence that they know how to do anything properly. I suggest a swift provisional world government whilst we sort a few things out and then hand all power over to women. Who do you see in these streets with their guns and bombs? Men. Who does all the killing? Men. Who do you see in suits pontificating? Men. Who makes all the decisions? Men. Are these the right ones? No. We've had quite a few thousand years claiming to be in charge. It isn't working. We've nothing to lose. Hand over power, now! I'm not joking in the least. If we're going to have another World War, can it at least be one with a cause I'm willing to stand up for? All Power to All Women. I'd be happy to march under that banner.

And now for some MEAT!