April 16th, 2004



Entropy. One of those many words I might use from time to time without necessarily understanding its full meaning. I just take it to mean the inevitable slide of order towards chaos. Except I'm sure that there are various stages in the process that can be defined in mathematical ways way beyond my ken. I'm not sure there is such a thing as utter chaos. Anymore than I've ever believed in the concept of zero. Suffice to say after its tidiness of the last weekend, the room has descended into a more typical scattering of books, paper, CDs, plastic objects and more besides. It's not chaos, or even chaotic. If it was, I would not be able to find anything at all and I'm sure my own molecular structure would be under threat. Don't go in there, it's chaos. Where's Chuck? Oh, he's all over the place. I tried to tell him, honest I did, he's just got such a poor understanding of vocabulary, the poor child. He should have paid more attention in school.

The room is experiencing what WSB referred to as a muriel. It's not the worst it's ever been. It would be about an hour or two's solid work to reimpose a surface order onto things. I'd probably feel mighty relieved once I'd done it, but it would be just as easy to slip out of the front door into a pleasant sunny looking day of early spring. Forget about it. Or will I? The album has helped create some of this mess. I'm trying to work out a set of collages for the cover art. The container may well end up better than the content. But I've worked long enough in retail to know that presentation and packaging can make anything look more palatable. It changes the way you approach it. If it comes in a quality box, you'll treat it as quality, for a while at least.

The packaging side of things has presented a few problems. I had a sample from a company yesterday. Unless you go for a volume of 500 or more, you can't get off-set printing at reasonable price, so although it looks professional, it's not as good as it could be. Same with the CD print, thermal would look better, it would have that tactile feel of the ink being slightly raised on the surface. At best, I wanted a gatefold cardboard sleeve in a Hatch Show Print style. I'm sure they could do it but, despite my love for their work, that really would make the cost astronomic. I wanted to avoid plastic. I can't on the budget. Instead I've gone for a DVD style jewel box. This gives more print area and makes the object less like a standard CD. Hey, it doesn't fit in my CD shelving. That's the point.

I've spent much of yesterday downloading various Russian images. I was particularly taken with this lubok site that I found. Lubok was a popular Russian block printing style of the 16th-19th century and a distant Hatch relation. I'll be using this image for the CD itself as I could just about pass that off as a breakfast table. The rest of the art is a collage of various photos, paintings, objects and stuff. I'll be working out a hand-drawn alphabet based on some of the lubok lettering for use throughout. Not that the album has anything to do with pre-revolutionary Russia really, except through its absence.

These last three paragraphs should be on the other site. But that's entropy for you.

I'm glad to see that this site is so popular among Iraqi terror groups and they understood my intimation that the kidnapping of non-aligned civilians really wasn't the way to go. The Chinese, Russians, Ukrainians and Japanese have been released. There may well still be a few Americans being held, but I think that's harder to argue against in a war situation. It's more that we should argue and fight against war itself as the arbiter of our dreams. This situation is being chronically mismanaged. By everyone. Its opponents also. I wish that I was born a thousand years ago. Over at comic artist pfarley, he recently mentioned a journal kept by an American woman currently serving out in Iraq by the name of ginmar. She's worth a read, although I'm too cynical to believe entirely that she isn't somewhere else. Knowing that she writes NC-17 Buffy slash doesn't help. Apologies to her for my disbelief, it's what this whole situation has done for me. I don't believe anything or anyone about as much I would care to. All that I have is prayer and a tiny voice.

Now, let's get to work on this smaller muriel. Perhaps through some arcane sympathetic process, it may yet have some effect.