April 23rd, 2004



Temperature rose slightly this morning with the revelation that a man held in prison for 18 months under current anti-terror regulations was at no point either questioned or otherwise interviewed to see what he might have had to say about the subject. Didn't give it a go. Not for five minutes even. That'll be the intelligence service then. Shows that you can carry that Oxbridge arrogance into any situation really. Even Stalin or Mao would have had them questioned and at least tortured. We can't be bothered. After all we know everything already it seems. Cornelius, you have a job to do...

That's it. I'm still trying to get the printing done on the album. It's proving hard to find anyone who meets my overly exacting standards or persuades me not to be so concerned about them. Now I head off into to town for an early show of Kill Bill 2 and a light lunch in Chinatown.