April 27th, 2004



Thanks to the Professor for rousing me from a few days of abject indolence. Having given a fairly lengthy review to the first volume of Kill Bill, just why has there been there no mention of the second? Fortunately the Professor did spy me at the weekend, regrettably however I was in a slightly tired and emotional state and not particularly conversational at the time, nevertheless, I was alive. Which I remain. Here's what I thought.

I didn't think much. It was a reasonable couple of hours. The comfort of the seat declined drastically in the last thirty minutes. The film passed by. I left. I didn't carry the film away with me. I didn't feel it lingering around me as I walked out into the day. The experience was contained in the cinema and it remained there afterwards. I'd forgotten I'd seen it until reminded just now.

So you might think that my impressions are not that favourable. They are most certainly indifferent. At least the first one annoyed me sufficiently. Was it a bad film? No, I can't say it was. Was it a good film? It was competent. That was it. I don't think I'm wrong to expect more. But having the seen the first, you can't fairly complain about being short changed. It didn't make laugh, cry or scream. I enjoyed a few of the Leone/spaghetti quotations. The soundtrack was loud. Fortunately no one unwrapped a Quality Street whilst on screen.

So, that's it really. I'm non-plussed or plum nuts. See. Forget. Bit of a waste really. On me.

Other than that, it's work at the moment. Or worrying about it. Sometimes simultaneously. Storm clouds outside the window after several days of warm light. Now thunder. Still no sign of the album packaging getting done this week. It's taking longer to manufacture than it did to make. Sigh.