May 12th, 2004


24 Hour Circadian Clock

Remember, we supposedly each have one of these built in, so don't trust any sales people who tell you otherwise. You've got one already. Of course, should they offer to upgrade it for you, or offer a BeOS version, there could be something in that. I see the browser has reset to CNN/Netscape again. Most Use Coffee Wrong. WTF? Men: More Sex Linked to Cancer. Whereas your British tabloid will draw you in with alliteration and salacious promise, my interest here is mostly stimulated by the inability to work out quite what these actually mean. You do wonder. The sooner we Brits have a language that is sufficiently distinct from that of the US, the sooner people may stop confusing us. We might not be that far off from from such a linguistic year zero. It might be in our best long-term interests to reinvent the country entirely, including language. It might take a few generations to remove all former memories and artefacts, and an immense amount of suffering, but surely that's preferable to actually taking a pragmatic stance against the current incompetence. We can but applaud the decision to apply Guantanamian expertise in this situation.

I have wondered from time to time just how long it might take until I can travel around Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan and elsewhere without undue fear of reprisal. Five years, maybe ten. I think the answer is now almost certainly never. Thanks. I guess once I've reached a certain state of decrepitude, I'll be able to chance it in the view that I'd be dead soon enough anyway. That's not really a state of mind best suited to a holiday, unless you like having such an existential slant to travelling abroad. Such is my entirely selfish reaction to those photos.

Mind you, I was surprised that The Last Samurai didn't reduce me to a state of incensed muttering about historical inaccuracy. Either it wasn't too bad or I was in a rare mood of indifference. I'm not saying it wasn't hogwash, but I didn't choke on it. The only part I really didn't like was the ending of Tom Cruise, as this last samurai, presenting the sword to the Emperor Meiji. Timothy Spall's Japanese wasn't that bad either, but overall it's a shame more people weren't speaking in proper jidaigeki sort of Japanese. Then I watched Masked and Anonymous. It was a slow day in the video store. Suffice to say, Bob D. still shouldn't give up the day job. I'm not convinced he can't act, but I've rarely seen a more conscious performance on film. On a very few occasions, when it's just music and him looking out a bus window, it's almost watchable. But he can't even move his eyes in this scene without evident deliberation. Mind you, his perfomance in Don't Look Back is rivetting.