May 22nd, 2004


Beards and Bards

At the lesbian gallery opening... I find it hard to write those words without imagining them being warbled by Morrissey. There's rather a lot of him around at the moment, what with the new album and Meltdown approaching. Stephen Patrick wasn't present on the opening night of a new exhibition by photographer Carole Moss at web-site free gallery Scarlet Maguire.

One word that featured heavily through the evening was tribad(e), Dean's mot du soirée. He was rather heavily ensnared by the mysterious Andron, one of various muses wandering around, especially once he had discovered that she was available at a hourly rate. No touching, mind you. And you would obey. Much of that art gallery opening red wine was drunk, I can't remember making any rash promises aside from burning a Diamanda Galas compilation CD for someone. I found it hard to credit that a goth, go on say it, tribade wasn't aware of her. She's in for a treat.

How many more beans can be spilled concerning Iraq? The continuing leakage of various abuse photos, the massacre of that wedding party and the raid upon Ahmed Chalabi's home and office. Now the radio is mumbling about how 37 people have died in US custody, of which 10 are being treated as homicide. My impression is that nada is going to happen to change the tack of this occupation until a sufficient number of Americans start piling up in body bags Stateside. So I almost want more US soldiers to get killed. Except I don't. At all. Rather than fill paragraphs with various admonitions, I'll just write that this US occupation, well, they just don't have a fucking clue, do they? Could I do any better? Yes, actually I could. So could you probably. Someday this occupation will be taught in military academies as an exercise in incompetence and mismanagement. For now, it looks too knowingly like a failure. They're having a laugh, aren't they?

The various photos and videos slowly come trickling out. Whether they continue to trickle or you release this material en masse... Adopting a more realpolitik stance, I can easily see that the best thing to do with those involved in this would be summary public execution if [adopting a sneering Burroughsian tone] you take a long, broad, general view of things. Then you go and execute a wedding party on the basis of worthless intelligence. I've been holding back from the phrase Mai Lai for a while, it's hard not to use it now...:

Major General James Mattis, commander of the 1st Marine Division, was scathing of those who suggested a wedding party had been hit. "How many people go to the middle of the desert ... to hold a wedding 80 miles (130km) from the nearest civilisation? These were more than two dozen military-age males. Let's not be naive."

Now, Mattis doesn't look like some green soldier who's bereft of previous experience or training. He's not. Momentarily, let's assume that this wedding party does contain a large number of anti-occupation elements who are actively involved in the resistance. If this wedding party is taking place in the middle of nowhere, what possible threat are they challenging at that time? A celebration is underway, the sort of event that should be encouraged, protected even, but you choose to attack it. Why not leave them alone? They won't attack anything, except you if you provoke them. How many people go to the... That's not your business to dictate what is normal in Iraqi society. Do they have to book the Hyatt for the reception or something? From the nearest civilisation... No, the wedding is or, most pitifully, was the only evidence of civilisation for miles around. I'm afraid that it was most certainly not yourselves. Oh well, it's not on the front pages anymore.

Chalabi's relationship with the US or Iraq isn't really something I know much about. However you feel about him, you don't charge into some supposedly official Iraqi politician's office and tear the place to pieces like the fucking Wehrmacht and shoot holes into his portrait.

There are some local elections approaching in London: MEP, Mayor, London Assembly. I was wondering whether to vote or not. There's a number of options aside from your usual three. There's the socialist coalition Respect (I can't vote for Trots), the CPGB (I can't vote for Leninists), the UKIP (I can't vote for crypto-nationalists), that really only leaves the Green Party. There was an article on the Green's mayoral candidate, Darren Johnson, on The Big Smoker, a London blog I came across because of that Monkey does Cash does Eagles flash animation. I've been reading this site and I'm not overly impressed so far. It lacks imagination and any real bite to the writing. London is much more than just what you see/hear/read through the formal media and I suspect they need to move from the sofa a little. I wasn't too keen on their ethnic minorities comment in the article either. A sudden whiff of public schools at that point.

So can I bring myself to vote Green to register my protest? I'm not convinced. I'll see. I do feel that the issue is important enough for me to register some protest. I'll certainly have to exercise restraint in not throwing objects at any Labour party canvassers who come visiting, no matter how much they tug their forelocks.

Then after you've been thinking about Iraq for a while, you almost want to lie down and dream of a world in which America had actually its homework before this war and Britain had the guts to both stand by America and criticise the administration or their faults. I don't doubt that Tony Blair, the individual human, isn't reasonably personable and, like everyone, he deserves our compassion and love. I don't argue that it's challenging to do so, given his political record. Why isn't he more evidently criticising what's going on...sorry, I drifted for a moment and vaguely belived that there might some remaining integrity in politics. I must remember not to remove my aluminium and rabbit skin hat before I start posting. It helps with those green rays.

Wow! A new Park Chan-Wook movie. Oldboy. And while we're on the subject of East Asia, how about the Infobar phone from au by KDDI? Shame they don't do a model in a realistic chocolate colour. Or this W-11 model. Are We Not Men?

Dear, oh dear...