May 26th, 2004


Never Meet Your Heroes

...which is what MGHN said to me on Monday night at the Rufus Wainwright/Katenadnannamcgarrigle concert on the South Bank. As the Kebab Lady (such appears to be her spur of the moment nickname) swanned downstairs for a tete-a-tete with Martha Wainwright. I might add. Cattily.

Tonight I went to the 12 Bar to see Teddy Thompson (son of Richard and Linda, as well as in Rufus' band), Kamila Thompson (sister of Teddy, etc) and Martha Tilston (daughter of Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilston). A good gig, although Emma Tricca, who is now working there, was making a few noises about how being someone's child is a certain advantage in this game. Well, Linda was there, but I was too nervous to drool a series of random epithets to her. If the conversation had occurred, it should have gone like this:

Me: Forgive me for butting in, but I just wanted to thank you for the astounding and beautiful music you've made.
Linda: Thank you, but don't you find it depressing?
Me: Well, beauty is often tempered by sadness.
Linda: Fancy a pint?
Me: Guinness, thanks.

It didn't happen. However, as I headed to the toilet during [NB: Between songs. It was a folk night after all.] Teddy's set, there was Richard standing in the doorway. This did occur.

Me (lightly touching his arm): Can I thank you for the guitar playing and the songs?
Richard (unimpressed): It's not over yet.
Me (err...): I know that, just thanks...

Not that I shouldn't know he's a miserable curmudgeon. I've got plenty of his records. I stood by the entrance and chatted to Andy, the club manager. He's a bit bloody off that Richard Thompson. Shortly after Linda left. This occurred also.

Linda (to Andy): Thanks for everything.
Me: No, thank you. For your family. And all that you've done yourself. It's wonderful.
Linda: Thanks.

That's all it would take, Dick. I still love you though...
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