June 4th, 2004



Looks like I won't have to make any electoral decision. It had slipped my mind that I am travelling to France early on Thursday morning for Il Toro's wedding in Brittany. I love leaving England. England play France on the Sunday in Portugal. Fortunately as a nominal Spurs fan, yesterday's appointment of Santini as the coach means that an England defeat will be an indication of White Hart success to come. Or, rather, we can pretend it means an end to Tottenham's Premiership mediocrity. I doubt it though.

So I bought some clothes. This second hand look might be all well and good in edgy London, but it's not going to impress anyone in France. I never buy new clothes. Aside from pants, socks and shoes, it's almost all second hand. This helps me to concentrate on style rather than fashion. You probably didn't even notice. Of all places I found myself shopping in, it was Knightsbridge. Not Harvey Nicks though - it was underclothing and a few t-shirts at Uniqlo (I'm making a Birkin/Gainsbourg t-shirt for the match that expresses the deep affection and sexual attraction between our two countries. I'm working on a suitable phrase in French), together with a pair of linen trousers. Then I went into Zara, of all places, and ended up buying a beige pinstripe linen suit. It felt unnatural to be buying new clothes. Later in the day I bought a new pair of trainers.

The trainers were a bit of a disappointment, although I'm happy now. I'd spotted this pair (white and pink) in a window with their nice Japanese motif. Women's sizes only. So I ended up with these (white and red. Turns out that they (Tai Chi) are apparently the model worn in Kill Bill. Oh dear...) instead. Men's clothing is so frickin' dull. Well, you wouldn't want to like a poof, would you? No, of course not.

Yawn. That's more or less it. No mention of Iraq. Or Saakashvili's wife going for a day out in South Ossetia by helicopter. I'm doing some arranging for a friend of mine and have to get the tracks finished by tomorrow lunchtime, so back to work.