June 10th, 2004


Pret A Partir

There are some things that I'm prepared to spend large sums of money on. If I have them. Top of this list, judging by what surrounds me in the flat, are musical instruments, books and musical recordings. I imagine it will always be like this if I live alone. There are some things I care about but don't spend large sums of money on, such as clothes. If I was wealthy, I am sure that I would have an expansive wardrobe of tailored suits, whether Savile Row or Manuel, and footwear. All that prevents from revealing my inner Madame Marcos is my income. But one item that I spend very little money on is luggage. What! You don't accessorise? No. Not really.

Nevertheless, I went shopping today to buy something to carry my suits over to France. I wasn't intending to buy anything fancy, just something a little more durable than a fancy carrying bag from the dry cleaners. But the choice was fairly poor. Either it was Samsonite, and I'll admit I was turning my nose up at that, or expensive leather types. I paused for a while at the Victorinox area. At that price it should come with a Swiss Army knife. But I'm not a fan of prominent labelling or branding. Finally I found one that was both a reasonble design and not screaming how much I spent on it and charging me for the privilege. Somewhere along the Carlton-Louis Vuitton axis. But where? Let's put it this way, I hope this suit bag is passed down the family for a couple of generations. I can also do all that international travel that I am so known for in the safe knowledge that I can carry my suits in a safe, non-creasing environment. I will look immaculate at all times. I will kick myself tomorrow for the amount I spent. I am a fool.

I've packed. The luggage looks wonderful and I'm about to start smoking cannabis. Now, I wouldn't generally recommend the consumption of cannabis to anyone. It is a heinous substance responsible for most of the ills of the world. Perhaps. It is however very useful as a readily available sleeping draught and I aim to bring myself to a sufficient state of intoxication that I can fall asleep with complete ease. Forgive me if I don't post any further...[Still got to put the links in though]. Tomorrow, France.