June 27th, 2004



I've overheard two new word uses recently. One of these was link. I had enough contextual use of this to believe that in this part of London, and possibly elsewhere, that linking with someone is something that happens prior to going out with them. A bit like hanging out. Yeah, I linked with him a couple of times before then.

The other is misscall. This is a contraction of missed call and it's a verb that can be used to describe the action of ringing someone's mobile so the number goes into the memory. X gives you their number, you then miscall them back so they get yours. Or get them to ring you back if out of credit, etc...

I need to get out more, you might think...

Scrambled message of annoyance in notebook at the Manor House bagel shop's insistence on spreading sandwich fillings so they ooze to the open edge of the baguette, thus giving an appearance of abundance, an abundance that mostly ends up on your trousers.

The Polish town of Przemysl. My knowledge of Polish is so downhill, I wondered whether the name of the town had some to do with Before Thought. Poland never really struck me as that Zen.

Autocrat News

The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table will be launching his album on the afternoon of Saturday, July 24 at The Foundry. There's more information available at the Radio Orchestrar page, or you can see a draft version of the flyer here if you want. I'd go to the Orchestrar page myself!