July 10th, 2004


Getto Shita!

Looks like I've got me a Zihotch, although it's touch and go whether it will be here in the UK in time for the launch. You'll have to prise it from my cold, dead hands. Or wrists.

The world of Sarmoung computer peripherals has made a leap into the future, or possibly the past, I'm not sure. A recent addition is an A5 graphics tablet to draw with. It seems I could be making this entry using handwriting recognition, but I've not really got the hang of it yet. Nevertheless, with the additional addition of Photoshop and Illustrator, one more aspect of production can now be completed in house. I've got to work out how to use Illustrator in the next two days to do the CD design for submission. I need to get on with that...

I am excited by the thought I can now start doing an online comic though.

Bee & Bonnet

Is there a way of voicing consumer complaints without sounding like an arsehole?

I was in Safeways-cum-Morrisons just now and was looking at croissants. Mmm, flavared croissants... Drawing the attention of customer services to this, I suggested that they might want a rethink. It's not just the spelling, I said, but flavoured with what?

But the response only made me think that both the customer services person and the checkout didn't really know how to spell either. What's wrong with that, he said. He came back (I don't know why he went away. I only wanted him to admit fault. Admit it, you bastard...) and said it was in French. So, do you want them then? No.

The checkout woman handed over the cash very slowly and I wouldn't have been surprised to hear a harmonica wailing in the distance and to have spotted a few tumbleweed rolling along the aisles. Your sort aren't welcome around here.

Mind you, if I was working there, I'd probably be doing my share of creative spelling to pass the time. Phleivød Qu'œcent...