August 19th, 2004



Nope. Posting has fallen to a trickle, I admit, but I'm still here. Sarmoung is a year old, I can't remember the precise date, I'll check... The 23rd. I'm still somewhat disconsolate and instead of writing here, I've been concentrating on trying to work (not so successfully) but mostly ending up reading detective fiction of the 20th century. Whatever happens, I shall have to return to paid employment sometime shortly. That's a depressing enough thought, but, in all honesty, less depressing in the short term than spending any more time in this flat reading detective fiction.

I received an email from LiveJournal reminding me that my paid account needed renewal. There's not a huge amount you get for this, but since the basic service is free, it seems reasonable to fork over some money. I'll pay it, but I've been wondering about moving Sarmoung elsewhere. Not that I have any issues with LJ, but in that same way people redecorate their houses for no particular reason, there's only so much I can do here with my ignorance of under-the-bonnet website gubbins. So I'm thinking about moving. Thinking, that is. Everytime I look at the other options available, I wonder if it would really be worth the effort. The only difference would be that it would look a bit more posh and I could spend more time tinkering, rather than actually writing. In fact, I might spend all my time under the bonnet, rather than on the content.

I'd like somewhere that I could host Challis and other bits of writing, as well as mp3s of music. It would be good to have that all in a single location. One nice thing about LJ is that the inability to host files on the site itself means you don't get hammered for bandwidth. Of course, you'd need an audience to really worry about that...

The recent floods in Boscastle make me a little wary of this weekend's Tapestry festival in Cornwall. It'll probably be best to dig around in the back of the cupboard for protective/unwanted clothing. Visions of Mungo Jerry singing In The Summertime to a crowd of rain-soaked poncho wearers. It'll be fine, it'll be fine...