August 28th, 2004


Toys 'R' U.S.

I'm sure that you might have seen this already, but I was curiously amused by the shipment of supposed 9-11 inspired toys to a Miami company. Looking at it, I wasn't too convinced that it was inspired by the Twin Towers attack, but the fact the product number is 9011 does seem to clinch it. So some mischievous Chinese toy designer thought they could sneak this one in. I have to admire their chutzpah. It reminds me of a series of bogus toys that BCB once designed that we were going to sneak into shops. Another one of those projects that might see the light of day at some point.

I saw an American standup called David Cross last night. He was fairly funny (I thought about who I found really funny when I returned home. I used to find Reeves & Mortimer hilarious in their pre-Shooting Stars days. I listened to Round the Horne on BBC 7 when I got in. I find polari makes me cackle). One thing that he did mention was a pamphlet [A Christian's Duty - pdf] circulated to the US Marines via In-Touch Ministeries which included a tear-out section that you should return to the White House which indicated that you had offered prayers to George Bush.

Orthodox prayers include those to the royal family and those in civil authority. I don't have a problem with this - although I found it tricky at first. Everyone deserves prayer. My prayer for George Bush would include some phrase along the let him see the error of his ways line of things. It pisses me off no end that the evil crock of shite that is American policy could be seen as being inspired by the example of Christ. Not on my watch, soldier.

Paula Radcliffe. I feel a Glenda Slag moment coming on... A runner who can't run ain't worth too much of nothing. I suspect she's getting a cut from some Thai betting syndicate.