August 29th, 2004


Nothing Left To Lose

The paucity of posting recently is due to a number of factors, the very least of which is my, and possibly our own, inability to look away from the impending car crash that is 21st century America. That's probably a bit too harsh. Let me substitute presidential election for America. That way it should clear that there are any number of things that I love about America (indeed, very positively believe are worth defending). It's just all the weight of things that my throw my hands up in air and look heavenwards. It would be easy just to bash, bash, bash and I think that needs to be tempered.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes trying to come up with some lame crack about Condoleeza and condiments, the Netscape home page (which the browser always seems to revert to) brought another highlight to my day. Namely the marketing of anti-Democrat ketchup.

Since Kerry's wife Teresa (the only speaker at the Democrat conference I heard who expressed anything akin to an interesting speech) is part Heinz and the family owns a 4% stake in the company... Well, are you going to mix freedom fries with a liberal, and maybe even Francophile, tomato ketchup. No, sir!

As the above link mentions, Bill Zachary of W Ketchup claims the ketchup is nonpartisan, although the tag is 'You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?' This seems a little like claiming that a knife isn't sharp and then sticking it in someone's chest or...well, I could come up with poor similes all afternoon. Well, they might not be similes precisely. I need to brush up on my literary terminology.

I'm not keen on the idea of freedom fries and don't understand the concept that France is required to be eternally grateful to the U.S. for its liberation. If anything, America still owes France the greater debt. And as as any historian with a grain of intelligence will tell you, the far greater balance of the war was fought on the Eastern Front by Soviet forces. That library footage of Paris being freed... What do they want, NORWICH?

I'm uncertain about boycotts. I never knowingly bought any South African produce during apartheid, but I'll admit to having few qualms about buying Israeli produce as some pro-Palestinian groups exhort me to. I might be wrong. It's not just the delicious creaminess of Israeli humous that sways me, or living in a area with a large amount of Jewish delis. Israel doesn't seem to me the equivalent of South Africa then (yet!). I've no time for its current policies concerning Palestine, but I think I have a grasp of why Israel came into being and I'm sympathetic to the concept. Just not the reality. I kind of wish that I was in that Neturei Karta group round here so I could condemn Israel's existence from some quasi-Talmudic stance of authority. But that's veering close to those people (conceivably Bush et al.) trying to advance us into the endgame of civilisation on the basis of their pig-ignorant understanding of Revelations.

Anyway, ketchup, kvetchup. Oy vay is mir. I'm off for a pint.