August 30th, 2004


Do Not Advance

It's perhaps not greatest musical loss of the year, but spare a moment to remember Laura Branigan who died just last week, I discovered this morning. Aside from a few tops-off moments back in the 80's at Heaven, my more recent memory of her is listening to Self-Control while cruising around Vice City in Grand Theft Auto - the sun drifting across the sea, a brand new suit of clothes, slamming your factory-fresh Banshee into a preposterous handbrake skid and wiping out about five Cubans. Then jumping out of the flaming wreck and starting a large and certainly Pyrrhic street battle with your katana, hand grenades, and Spas-12 shotgun which finally concludes with the wail of sirens and police snipers taking you out from a helicopter as you cower round the back of some appartment block knowing death is imminent. I'll miss you, Laura.

I wasn't so overexcited by this one, as I loved the 80's trash feel of Vice City. San Andreas is basically early 90's LA (think Colours), but does seem to include hicks and Las Vegas. Not to mention a country music radio station, but I'm fearing overexposure to Achy, Breaky Heart which will probably prompt me into some fairly mindless slaughter. Which is the idea, I guess...

I'm not certain that it's the first video game with an African-American in the lead role, but that's an achievement of sorts, I suppose. Apparently Shaun Ryder has been hired to do some voice-over work (!) and I read here that not one but two teaser sites are now up, rather like the Kent Paul one for VC. Looks like those Rockstar boys [and I do think they are regrettably all boys] have done their homework again.

Except it does mean I'll have to get a TV. Unless someone wants to host my PS2 in exchange for sofa-time. It's just gathering dust here.