September 3rd, 2004



Well, that looks to be the end of the Beslan siege. Any glib or sarcastic comments of yesterday seem horribly inappropriate.

I was with The Bull yesterday and we were talking over the American elections, Middle East and so on. I couldn't help but think that the sort of people who commit acts like this are quite beyond terrorism (or at least the hard-target style of terrorism like Baader-Meinhof and the like). They're sociopaths in uniforms and nothing more. Yes, we may perhaps have brutalised them, but there is never any excuse for this sort of attack whatsoever. Unfortunately, as they might have intended, there is now most certainly an excuse for their absolute extinction. Poor, poor Chechnya and these people who claim to represent you. How could you be so foul as to give Putin this sort of advantage? You do know what he'll do with it, don't you? May the devil take you.