October 22nd, 2004


Modern Trends

It seems Boots may be on the verge of selling adult toys. I'm not talking Newton's Cradle either. Personally, I'd prefer that they maintained the dentistry and chiropractic aspects of the business, but as The Technology of Orgasm reminds me each time I leaf through it on the toilet (it being one of the volumes in the bathroom library), such objects were once very much part of mainstream medical therapies.

As I was walking towards Dalston yesterday, I spotted a poster for The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology. I wondered maybe these were the people I had a go at outside of Safeways a few months ago. Perhaps not. There doesn't seem to be that much specifically Gnostic about them, but once the Hello crowd have worn out the welcome mat at the Kabbalah Centre, I'm sure Samael's followers might be hoping for a bit of extra income.

Yet more Autocrat news over at Radio Orchestrar. I'm playing with Circulus. Gadzooks!