October 31st, 2004


Morning Muffin

The clocks change. That doesn't mean an extra hour in bed, it just means I get up earlier. It's now half six and I've been spending two hours flicking around the net. I've been reading English language blogs from/about Korea, trying to work out how to use all that BitTorrent/FLAC sort of thing to download and convert live recordings and trying to find a single unedited version of the Bin Laden video with subtitles. No lack on the final item. Everything must be mediated. I watch an interview with an "Al-Qaeda expert" called Jason Burke. He's written some interesting and moving articles.

In the background I listen to Laura Cantrell's show from yesterday on WFMU. She devotes it to John Peel. It's a nice tribute and I'm particularly struck by a recording of Lonnie Donegan singing Frankie and Johnny. Lonnie is almost sounding like Charlie Feathers on it. King of Rockabilly, well, in my book anyway.

I wonder about the video. Well, in the past I was fairly convinced that he was dead. This video would strongly suggest otherwise. I can't be the only person struck by how reasonable he actually sounds. That's why I'd like to encounter the full version as opposed to the and now for our American viewers one. There was a Guardian article earlier in the week about the Wiki phenomenon. This recent video already has its related article. How long until we have Wikinews? I was listening to the Hitchhiker's Guide yesterday and, hardly an original though I know, realised how intimately these two encylopaedia were connected. So, thanks Doug, as much as Jimmy Wales.

The timing of the video is intriguing and it's hard to guess which why it might sway the voting pattern. Bush, you tffåt, he's still on the loose, what the hell have you been up to all this time OR This is no time for flip-flop goverment, we need a strong domestic leader who doesn't take shïrt from some jumped-up murdering Adbullah, go, git. Could go either way, although Mr. Washington (who has just picked up a very tasty bakelite National lap steel for 25p or something on ebay) suspects it will be in Bush's favour. If the video had come out earlier in the week, that could have been a different story.

Dum de doo, ho hum, whistling, etc. As much as I'm waiting nervously for the US election, I'm also waiting for news of Gid'n'Cath's baby which is due imminently.