November 3rd, 2004


Tant Pis

Ladies and gentlemen, let me extol to you the virtues of Rye...

As I can remember Class War member and talented cartoonist Pete Mastin once saying at a meeting. Well, I've still not been to Rye, but neither have I been to Siberia. Like many this morning, I'm idly planning an exit strategy for the future. Admittedly South America may have better weather, food, music and indeed women, but if we are facing an intractable change in planetary weather systems, you may as well get some training in. People have survived in Siberia for hundreds of years. It's not a glamorous life, but we're going to need those survival skills sometime soon. Perhaps not me, but perhaps my children. Sarmoung in parthenogenesis shock! Sob, I'd so much rather it wasn't. A minute or two of sighing.

Anyway, I'm not really too knowledgeable about Siberia, but it seems a safeish bet. It's always been a place of refuge (and prisons for that matter) in Russian history. Aside from survival in a difficult environment, the only thing to worry about is the danger of some industrial megacorp turning up in the search for mineral deposits.

I like the sound of Tuva, and I've long wanted to go to Lake Baikal. Although, just maybe, Mongolia might be the more sensible option given its geographical isolation. Hmmm.

I'd also advise anyone to book that holiday to Iran now. You may never have a second chance to look upon an intact Isfahan.