January 24th, 2005


A Third Way

Blogs, journals, web pages, whatever the differences, it's sometimes hard to escape from brief flashes of resentment. To the best of my knowledge there are three people in the immediate geographical area who write on local issues from time to time. Well, we all mention the supermarket or similar.

Probably the most locally focussed is Hackney Lookout. I find the general tone of his comments on the area condescending rather than celebratory. The tagline "Stupid enough to live in Hackney, I console myself by appreciating the nutcases I meet every day" doesn't endear him to me and neither does the description on companion blog Out of Hackney "Tired of the sickos in my borough, this is an account of what I do to escape them at the weekend". I mutter, hmm, "not rich enough to live elsewhere, I seek to parade my minor public school grumblings". Well, naff off to Islington then. He can't even spot the difference between a smackhead and a crackhead which should be evident at a hundred paces.

The other blog is Green Fairy, a runner up in the Guardian 2002 Best British Blog Competition. I find there's never anything to hold my interest there.

Neither of these personalities have ever replied to my suggestion that we compile a collaborative shopping guide to Stamford Hill. This is the substantial reason for this unattractive pique on my part. They may be reasonable enough people in person, but the impression I have of them online, and I strongly suspect the impression they may have of me should they have one, well, where does this resentment stem from? And why should I bother with it at all? I just recognise that some femto-percentage of my life is taken up with grumbling about them internally. I'd prefer that it wasn't. But then, they're operating in a public forum and seek recognition. Live Journal doesn't seem to operate in quite the same way as you generally make acquaintance with people within the site and I'm happy with all of them. Some are people I rarely communicate with, others I comment upon more frequently. There's only one that vaguely winds me up. I don't especially welcome thirteen individual posts upon each forthcoming day in the Mayan calendar. One listing all of them would do. But generally biting one's lip is a better idea than venting spleen. Many might disagree in this age. You must express yourself after all. I'm too much the Confucian and firmly believe in socially harmonious relations that are dependent on more than rampant individualism. It was fine when just a few people wanted to be individuals, but now everyone does and frankly there's not enough to go around. The currency is so devalued it has become worthless. I sit here and wonder about Mayakovsky for a few minutes. Is there a point to this entry?

I thought I should read the paper. I was a little perturbed by an article mentioning attacks upon the local Orthodox community [It seems one person has been arrested]. I bought the Hackney Gazette to see if it had any additional insight on the incidents. They're relegated to page 7. No, not really. The only incident I've witnessed is the belligerent mocking of some Lubavitchers by a man trying to sell me a cheap watch. I made it clear to him that if he wanted to behave like that he should go sell somewhere else in London. I should probaby buy the Jewish Chronicle to see what comment they have.

The Gazette leads with the arson of the Prince of Wales pub in Allen Road, Stoke Newington. I was living around the corner at the time of the attack...some children tortured a fox and put him in a bin... various stabbings... there's a crackdown on the use of stairwells for drugs and prostitution... residents are up in arms about a mobile phone mast in Stoke Newington. Well, in this article, the photographer has made a beginner's gaff in his framing by placing Henreid Kesselman directly against a spire so his black fedora now comes with witchy point atop. The usual prøn of sex attacks, abuses by men and the council, passport fakers, coke dealers, Paul Weller, KEEP BURGLARS OUT! Billy Chong's Blues Revue is still running down at the Globe on Monday nights. A page and a half of escort ads. It's a dismal read and it's putting me back to sleep.

I did have something to say when I started out.