February 9th, 2005


Rubbish In Rubbish Out

MGHN buttonholed me on Friday with regard to the death of Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and my silence on the matter. It sounded suspicious, particularly in view of Yushchenko's recent dioxin poisoning, but on further investigation it seems certain that it's just shoddy Soviet-era gas installation. It's a shame because Zhvania is someone who could have made some headway in territorial disputes such as South Ossetia and Abhkazia. Listen, Abkhazians, or especially Sergei Bagapsh, all that many Georgians want to do is go to a decent stretch of seaside. I'll admit there's quite a few with grudges to bear, but concentrate on developing amicable relations with those who don't give a monkey's about territoriality on the large scale and just want their beach huts back. Of course, no one ever drops a grudge in the Caucasus but I have met quite a few Georgians who'd just like the chance to eat shashlik and sun themselves in Sukhumi. Okay, maybe five, the rest of whatever side might still be stoking the fires of vendetta.

Other than that, I have to hurry for a train. Lack of posting is due to album work. There should be an announcement over at the Radio Orchestrar side of things shortly... but not today.

Compare and Contrast:

Cornelia Parker's Cold, Dark Matter vs. Disposable Cutlery

The Boyle Family vs. Similar

I'll admit the second is slightly cheating as any square photograph of road surface could pass that test, but I was especially struck by the former resonance.