March 1st, 2005


Second Helpings

Here's some more Lawrentinian (?) ephemera:

1. Not only is Gary Patterson, proprietor of the House of Cha, an unwelcoming and patronising host, he was also arrested in February 2004 for the illegal boarding and subsequent fracas upon the charter airplane of a visiting Iowa State University Basketball team plane. His wife, Fanny Shiau, is now in control of the business and Mr Patterson is... Oh, hang on, the review is dated 2004 as well? Is the place even still open? Here they are in happier days. Go Cyclones!

2. "Longtime downtown barber-cum-politico" Mike Amyx was appointed to the Kansas Board of Barbering in 2003. The KBB "eliminates all acts performed by the barbers that may cause harm or injury to the public." Shame.

3. Motley Crue are playing on Tuesday the 15th. Unfortunately, that's in Kansas City and I'm in Lawrence. Sigh. Same geographical story for Dr John at the Folly Theater on Saturday night. Sigh. You might hear that one.

4. The Gaslight Tavern looks small enough to recreate that 12 Bar experience if I get homesick.

5. Wayne Propst looks an intriguing sort. I've got a date. Not like that!