March 30th, 2005



Following the nudge of a comment, I feel prompted to comment that I am alive and well, just swallowed by various other activities and commitments. I normally don't notice the west-east time difference so much, since that's usually accompanied by too much excitement at the prospect of being back in Japan. This time I'm home in London. It's not that exciting this way around.

Furthermore, however much I could wave the travelling clause in America to excuse culinary indulgence and similar, I arrive back in England in the middle of Pascha, or Orthodox Lent. There are things that need to be observed and acted upon until May 1st. This year Resurrection and Revolution walk hand in hand. Journalling takes a back seat at this time of the year.

I'm also lazy. But I shall be doing this in the meantime until May 1st:

1. Pressing ahead with Disco 1000 album. The purchase of an orchestral sampling CD in the US does mean that this album may well turn out more Scott 4 than Tilt. We'll see. I will be posting in the Radio Orchestrar section as and when (if) something happens. I'm not sure if CD purchases in America will affect the process of the album, but we're looking at Coralie Clément (Benjamin Biolay's sister - breathy French singers are a guilty Lenten pleasure) meeting up with Ghost and someone called Gogol Bordello (which is as yet unheard) to channel Joseph Cornell from beyond the grave.

2. Writing up the Burroughs article. I'm back to Newbury to pick up about thirty books I bought and mailed back to the family homestead while away. Gadzooks.

3. Lent.

There's a few things I do need to finish up webwise in the meantime, such as uploading various pictures. There's a Gysin review I need to check some background on and will post here in the next week. In general, things here will be quiet until May 1st, although I'll still be reading and commenting elsewhere.