May 5th, 2005


Radio Silence

(And what ever did happen to Thomas Dolby, you might be asking yourself? He became a ringtone millionaire by the looks of it. I was tempted to post the above-mentioned song yet I was unable to locate a copy. I can remember buying a copy of Europa and The Pirate Twins on 12" for 25p or something and quite liking the song Leipzig on the B-side. Fortunately I've been unable to find a copy of it to post, for judging by the A-side, it may not have aged that well and I'd rather have the errant memory than be confronted by the actual sound itself. For the record, I never liked She Blinded Me With Science at all.)

I've always found it intriguing that the election is only ever briefly mentioned by the BBC on the day polling occurs. As if I might be making my way out the door to vote one way, but will be suddenly swung by an interview at the end of the Today programme. So, how will I be voting? Or, rather, will I be voting?

The current MP for Tottenham is one David Lammy. With a Labour majority of 53.5% in the last election, it would take a fairly impressive swing to get him out. So, who else is on offer?

Janet Alder (Respect)
Jaamit Durrani (Socialist Labour Party)
Wayne Hoban (Liberal Democrat)
William MacDougall (Conservative)
Pete McAskie (Green)

Not such an inspiring choice. None of them win anything on website design. The Green's site isn't functioning, the SLP's looks like it was designed in Albania and the red and green design that Respect go for induces motion sickness. Maybe I'll just concentrate on trying to get some Meltdown tickets online before they evaporate away, which looks distinctly unlikely since the phone number tells you to go to the website and the website isn't loading. Possibly geek types have some hack running and each have a thousand browser windows loading from separate IP addresses or it's just. Well, that'll save me some money I suppose.

The home cinema idea is still going ahead, but financing the next album means it's unlikely to get off the ground until August, which means I could start during O-bon. That works very well as I've been trying to think of a bill along the lines of Japanese Gothic (and I don't mean EGL!). So far, the only definite film is Onibaba. There's a few more I'm considering:

1. Blind Beast by Masumura Yasuzo. It's based on an Edogawa Rampo short story.
2. Possibly something by Teruo Ishii. Except that might be overegging the sauce in view of the above. Unfortunately, The Horrors of Malformed Men (also via Edogawa) has never been released domestically and I'm not sure his ero-guro output such as Joys of Torture is strictly Japanese Gothic. In my loose definition, that is.
3. Jigoku by Nakagawa Nobuo or another by him.
4. Kurosawa's Rashomon is of course a strong contender.
5. Kwaidan also.
6. Some version of Akutagawa Ryunosuke's short story Jigokuhen.

You need to bear in mind that I spent a very depressing eight months living here. A place known to have the highest rainfall in Japan. I spent many of those months huddled beneath the kotatsu, putting on weight from convenience store food, fantasising about Romane Bohringer, who was well represented in the video shop, and watching as many Japanese films as I could. Other than that, I went bowling and drank.

Patti Smith has managed to wreck the Festival Hall server in the meantime. I actually had some tickets at one point, but then the browser crashed. So it looks like I'll be a few pounds the richer for next month or so. Dinner, anyone?