May 14th, 2005


Cows, Lemons, Aubergines

There's a number of Russian mp3 sites that offer downloaded music at knockdown prices. Although there's a legal argument of sorts that allows them to do this, the bottom line is that you're never going to see any of this money if your music is made available by them. Of course, this may not bother some buyers particularly. They are however one of the few ready sources for Russian music in the UK.

I was wondering what had happened to the only pop act I've liked for many years, namely Tatu. It seemed there was some new material by them, but it didn't look entirely legitimate or convincing. What the recording seems to be is an attempt by their former manager Ivan Shapovalov to squeeze the final drops of riches from the firm, youthful (stop right there - Ed.)... Anyway, for this Podnebesnaya show [this would seem to be a site for it of sorts. You can find the NATO video here also. I wouldn't bother], I was astonished to read elsewhere that Edward Limonov had been invited to attend. Limonov, who I've mentioned before, and Tatu? Were anything to come from that union, and I'm sure it won't, it could possibly give Nashi (Ours) a run for their money, certainly on sex appeal. No! Not you, Eddie! [Here's some English background on Nashi]

In fact, Tatu supposedly do have a forthcoming album with the catchy title "People - Invalids". In this wonderful piece of copy, we also learn the following:

"Unfortunately, the king-size bed in the studio is absent, and it's a pity: singers gave 100% of themselves in the studio, and sometimes there was no more power left to reach the hotel room. By the way, in spite of the fact that Yulia and Lena have a full right to live in separate rooms, they ignore it and prefer to stay together... They are friends. They support each other, although their free time shcedules are different. Lena spends her free time in the company of the greatest (i.e. – she reads books), and Yulia in the company of her American friends and recently bought Macintosh Power-book - fellow of all creative souls of the world. All mortal users of the Windows platform are left with their envy: Yulia uses all advantages of the progressive Mac platform, which is quick, classy, bugs-free. Now the pulse of the world is under her fingertips 24/7 - as Americans say. The most stressful stage of the recording is already behind, therefore a pair of weeks ago, Tatu made a one-week break in their "American" life and dove in the Moscow spring. In spite of a cosmopolitic charachter of their artistry, the girls miss Moscow, which remains the dearest city for them."

It warms the heart to know that Yulia's acquainting herself with OSX and I fully expect to see a Tatu widget included as an extra on the CD, although I've no idea what it would do. I'm reasonably convinced that the album won't be the same without Trevor Horn at the controls, but I could just be wrong. I often am.

On another note, should anyone reading this have been expecting any form of communication from me, I hope to get this written over the weekend. The last two weeks since Lent have been unremittingly bleak and there's no real need to increase the amount of angst available at LJ. I've been feeling rather like that artist character in The Fast Show who reduces pastoral landscapes to unremitting shades of black or, perhaps preferably, Holmes during a low period but without the violin or cocaine. You may not need to hear that, but you certainly don't need to read about it in detail anymore that I'm prompted to write about it. I'm off for a long walk.