October 29th, 2005


The Great Divide

I'm sitting in Neodi's office at the moment. If I could look out the window in the room next to this, I'd be able to look out onto Sydney suburbia. If you squint your eyes, the terracotta roofin tiles make the houses on the hill opposite just a little like Ancient Rome. As the sun went down and I smoked a cigarette out on the back porch, it even looked like a old photo of Edo, maybe one of Beato's.

At first, I thought I'd get up and make a decent journal entry, upload outstanding photos to Flickr. Except the computer here is connecting to the modem via USB and I can't be bothered to work that out for my laptop. Moreover, I'm here in the house of my dearest friends and there are better things to be doing than the dang internet. I'm heading off this afternoon with Neodig to Carcoar to look at some film locations for a couple of days.

Tokyo in a nutshell? Overall, it was okay. But I'd be lying if I wasn't thinking somewhere that I was more excited about getting back to Kansai on the second Japan leg. There might be some spare time over the next couple of weeks to write more, but right now the temperature is rising, the sun is up, the baby is asleep and I want a cup of tea. Probably with some toast and Vegemite.

"Breakfast." He says. SO I'm off.