June 8th, 2006



I'm still ploughing my way through a number of scholarly texts and links relating to the history of Sintra, so here's a refreshing summer drink improvised last night. I pondered for quite a while over what to call this. At first given the inclusion of cachaça (again!) in the cocktail and some disparaging remarks from a houseguest about my ownership of a number of Tatu-related fan items, I thought of trying to come up with sort of illicit underage Brazilian name for it. I suppose I could just have called it the Cherry Houellebecq or something, but that didn't quite work. Swirling the drink around in my glass and looking upon the crushed ice mixing with the crimson liquid, I realised there was only really one title I could go with. Yulia and Elena, this one's for you!

A good handful of fresh cherries
Two apricots
A healthy jigger of cachaça
Crushed ice
Muscovado sugar to taste
A squirt of limoncello (optional)

Destone the cherries and apricots, add sugar and work the mixture in a blender until smooth. Place crushed ice in a tall glass. Now, if you haven't got an ice crusher (and I don't), you can replicate some of the primitive Iron John excitement of the seal cull by putting the ice cubes in a tea towel and repeatedly smashing it with a frying pan or similar until done. Pour the cachaca over the ice and then the fruit mixture. Stir. If you want, you can then top up the glass with limoncello.

I was in bed at 9:30.

Update: Those of Beuysian persuasion might care to decorate the rim of their glasses with fur and add blubber to the mixture. I can't however comment on how this might affect the surprising drinkability of the cocktail as the recipe currently stands.