The Empire Never Ended (sarmoung) wrote,
The Empire Never Ended

Janitor of Lunacy

I'm currently without the PS2. No loss considering the lack of a television, but finally news arrives of game that will sway me to try to come to some accomodation. Katamari Damacy aside, or GTA: San Andreas even, I've just read that the ICO sequel was announced recently.

It's called, erm, Wanda and the Colossus (ワンダと巨像) and, okay, it's not an ICO sequel, but it's done by the same team and seems to share a number of obvious features as far as I can judge from the official site and these magazine scans.

There's a movie to view, but Windows Media Player for OSX - as all too often - just doesn't want to know. I just hear the music and that too sounds ICO-ish.

Given that the Japanese release date is listed as 2005, I'll try not to hold my breath too long for a UK appearance. I wonder whether it might just be nudged into a PS3 title given the date and possible state of development.

Battling architectural monsters, hmmm...
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