The Empire Never Ended (sarmoung) wrote,
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I Have The Power

Dancing Blur, originally uploaded by Kathy71.

Certain things that I've been thinking about this week should most probably be formed into some post or another. But I'm too distracted by various other ongoing projects. In brief:

1. Possible threat to Battenberg Cake and other foodstuffs of colour.

2. I'm very sympathetic to the idea of preposterous forms of goverment. Since government is preposterous, it seems quite obvious it should take such a form. These various forms are like rare species of plant that may yet be found to contain a panacea. Indeed, it's one reason I feel myself increasingly inclined to disavow republicanism and why I'd still prefer a House of Lords staffed by aristocratic oddballs and idiots rather than leche-cul apparatchiks. Sarkozy and Bruni? Do me a favour. Why then do I find Free Tibet protesters so annoying? Probably:

a. The current Olympic torch debacle would seem to mask a racist anti-Chinese sentiment. A Yellow Peril for the 21st century. China was and is the centre of the world. We're not. Get over it!

b. Buddhist are nice people. Muslims aren't. Uighurs and others in Xinjiang would seem to have as much of a leg to stand when it comes to independence and self-determination but it's all about Tibet.

c. The way people comment on blogs and generally have to start their post with "Free Tibet". Mystic Trotskyites. I wonder whether it might yet all backfire on the movement.

3. I'm off to France again on Thursday for a week and a half: Paris, Marseille and then along the coast to Cannes. Cue more whistling of "Ma Ligne de Chance". I never tire of it:

A while ago, after hanging out a Circulus photo shoot, and a few glasses of wine later, I found myself donning some of Michael Tyack's magical outfits for an impromptu spin...

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