The Empire Never Ended (sarmoung) wrote,
The Empire Never Ended



Memories of the cross Channel ferry across to France, mostly Cherbourg. It smelled of piss and fags. As the car (either my dad's baby blue VW Beetle or mum's purple Mini Clubman Estate) made its way inland, the look of things in early light... Generally the typography and design of signs and that's most probably the reason why I end up buying old keychains over the weekend. They remind of those moments.


They also make cheap and portable souvenirs. "Oh thanks, a rather old and cheap looking keychain. Just what I was after..."


I manage to pick up a few Michel Polnareff 45's as well. Hardly rare, but it's nice to have them. This one is from 1972 (not 1957 as this tribute video made for the catchy b-side La Mouche says). Holidays (lyrics here) is rather wistful. So am I. Here's L'Amiral himself singing it:

And, if you want a more iMomus take, you can watch Vaness singing it as well, simultaneously even.

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