The Empire Never Ended (sarmoung) wrote,
The Empire Never Ended


I was having a discussion quite recently about voting. For me, the right not to vote is as important as the right to vote. If there's no one you're prepared to support, then don't support anyone. My analogy, as faulty as such things are, is entering a restaurant to be presented with a list of unappetising choices. Ah, someone might say, but if you were hungry? If you were with a group of friends all very keen to eat in the said restaurant? Would you refuse then? Why should restaurants even permit you access if you're not going to spend any of your money in there? Not even on wine or bread? Might as well just kick you in the head right here and now. Serves you right for spitting on our food.


I'm going through some post that's amassed in my absence, one item of which is a list of mayoral candidates for London. There's no one I want to vote for. Certainly not:

a. The British National Party. "Remember London the way it used to be? Clean, friendly and safe." I should cocoa, squire! Student Samantha Winter comments: "I'm voting BNP because I'm Irish..."

b. The English Democrats. It seems candidate Matt O'Connor has now withdrawn anyway. "We all remember a country we called home. A green and pleasant land that gave the world the English language, Democracy, the Mother of Parliaments and the Magna Carta..." FFS...

c. The Left List. The SWP in another less than convincing disguise. Trotskyite Hare Krishnas. "Remember when Trotsky wielded power?" They don't say.

Fortunately I have a dentist appointment.
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