The Empire Never Ended (sarmoung) wrote,
The Empire Never Ended


Whilst I am still working on a consciously discouraging short story, there are other things to distract me:

1. Tidying this house. No small work, particularly when it gets down to the level of properly filing bank statements, working through unmarked cds and tapes, etc...

2. Translating a Buddhist manga into English. An actual piece of work.

3. Cooking ox cheeks. I can't see how else you'd manage to cook ox cheeks unless you had a fair amount of time at home. By my reckoning, they should be ready to eat on Friday evening after requisite periods of salting, marinating, two separate cooking stages and a decent rest after.

4. Enjoying a DVD of O Lucky Man.

5. Feeling less than thrilled with the initial line-up confirmed for Scott Walker's Drifting and Tilting evening at the Barbican in November. I appreciate that Scott had some lousy experiences playing live back in the day, but since he's now able to pick his own band, production team and so on, not to mention that no one (although I'm sure there'll be some drunk wag in the audience) is going to shout out for The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", I think someone should give him a stern talking to and tell him to do the singing. Instead, he's just producing and choosing the line up of vocalists that will be singing pieces from these two albums.

Jarvis Cocker was an obvious shoe-in. But the rest?

a. Damon Albarn. Oh dear. Does nothing for me. A good bums-on-seats option, mind.
b. Dot Allison. Never meant much to me at the time (One Dove) and still doesn't. Sounds rather sheeny-folky now. According to her Myspace, the new album is "her No Other" (Gene Clark buries himself in a mound of cocaine while wearing a dress. With mixed results tending toward the epic and overblown). Hmm.
c. Gavin Friday. I can see this one.
d. Michael Henry. Who? Possibly this one. Probably not this one. I don't know.
e. Nigel Richards. Understudied for Marianne Faithfull in The Black Rider... Okay, should be this one then.

Well, that's boutique pop concerts for you. I can remember going to a recent staging of Serge Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson that had orchestrator Jean-Claude Vannier conducting. Starring Jarvis Cocker, obviously. Badly Drawn Boy couldn't sing, got lots of applause. Brigitte Fontaine, who can, seemed to scare the audience and no one seemed to know who she was. Chances are that the unknowns Richards and Henry will steal the show and Albarn's voice won't be up to par.

Various other acts tbc. There's not many Scott has worked with. Ute Lemper? I suppose someone did email David Bowie. PLEASE no Radiohead! It needs something to stop it descending into another self-congratulatory night of back-slapping and who's been invited to the after-party(?). Not you. Suggestions? Tiny Tim and Klaus Nomi aren't returning their calls.

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